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A fresh approach to website creation

At The Oncrowd our philosophy on website design is based on years of experience and all begins with a bespoke design and build. It’s important to understand the business we’re creating the site for and importantly understand who the audience is. These factors will influence what we build and how it will look.

Stage One

Our website builds normally fall into two categories, the first is a brand new site built from scratch for a new company or start-up and the second is taking over an existing site. 

If it’s a brand new website we work closely with our client to provide suggestions on content and structure, we can write the content from scratch or get a copywriter to check or rewrite content from the client. If it’s an existing website we will do a complete audit of the site and copy all content over into a document to check it’s relevancy and accuracy, the is especially important if the website is several years old.

In parallel to this, we will be looking at the keywords that the site will be looking to rank for on search engines. Again it will be a mix of suggestions from the client (because you know your business better than anyone) and suggestions we can make on keywords that have a) have search volumes and b) are relevant to the target audience. There isn’t a lot of point in ranking for terms that have no search volumes, our objectives are to drive the most relevant volumes of traffic for your business.

Once this stage is complete we will move into creating a site map, this allows us to map out how the website will function, the number of pages needed and start looking at what is the best user journey for visitors to the site.


We find that the best way to move a website build forward is to showcase our design thoughts with a mockup home page, we often do two versions and inevitably it is a mixture of elements of both versions that are used to build the overall style and look of the website. During all of these points, we encourage two-way feedback with our clients, it’s very important to us that our clients get exactly what they want.

Once the initial design has been approved we will go into full build of the website, we will provide a secure test domain so clients can log-in to see the progress of the site. We normally work on 6-8 weeks to get a site from the initial design to completion. Remember a package doesn’t begin until a website goes live* (if however, a build takes longer than 3 months we ask for 50% of the package cost until the site goes live).

The Launch & Beyond

If we are taking over from an existing website we can work with your I.T department/supplier to ensure a smooth transfer over to your new website.

Once the website is live and a package begins we will do the following:

  • Take any updates to the website from anyone within your business

  • Make recommendations on how to continually improve the website

  • Use various tools to show you the performance of the site, these included analytics of visitors to the site, heat mapping so we can see where live visitors are going and keyword tracking to look at how the website is performing against the keywords we identified at the start.


We will also make recommendations on how to drive more of your target audience to the website, this could be in the form of Pay Per Click, online and offline marketing or a full campaign, which can all be added to your package at any time.

If you’re looking to build an online shop for your business we work on several platforms to build the best shop for your business, we can even manage the store on top of your package.

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