We want to create marketing that really works, it means you’re happy as a client and that makes us happy. Marketing isn’t a static thing, it needs to change and adapt, depending on what your audience is doing and what the market is dictating. It shouldn’t mean that you completely jump ship from one marketing channel to another, but it might mean that you want to dial down activity in one area and dial it up in others over the course of months. This is where Flexit© comes into play.

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Flexible marketing that adjusts with your business

You pay a set amount a month, we create a marketing plan and then we flex that plan each month. We can spread out your activity based on our experience and your objectives. If you want more activity then you can increase your budget month by month. Based on our experience we recommend a minimum of £500 a month to get enough reach and results.

Flex your marketing budget

Below is an example of how you can split your marketing over the course of two months.

One month you could have...

Social Media
0 %
Digital Marketing
0 %

The following month you could have...

Social Media
0 %
0 %
Email Marketing
0 %

What you could have in your Flexit plan...

Website Design

Page updates
Landing page creation
Campaign specific pages
Seasonal updates

Graphic Design

Promotional graphics
Website artwork
Branding updates
Social media graphics


Social media advertising
Social media management
Pay-per-click campaigns
Email Marketing

Print Design

Business card designs
Custom company documents Company stationary
Promotional print design

Flexit © from Oncrowd

How Flexit will work for your business

We’ll work with you to create a Flexit strategic plan, month 1 and 2 could look like this…(based on a £500 per month plan):

Here's everything you'll get as standard with every Flexit plan:

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Email Customer Support
  • WhatsApp/ Instant Messenger Customer Support
  • Scheduling & Control Panel
  • Website hosting (If you have an Oncrowd built website)

An example of month 1:

  • Daily unique social media posts (Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn)
  • 10 unique graphics to support posts and boost branding
  • SEO boost based on key word or product
  • A one hour photo shoot to create imagery

An example of month 2:

  • 3 unique social media posts per week (Facebook and
  • Twitter or LinkedIn)
  • SEO boost based on two key words or products
  • An email campaign to your customer base
  • Website landing page optimisation and updates

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