The online world today is limitless and saturated with websites. To have a successful online presence, you must stand out from the crowd, making a high-quality website essential. If you do not have an online marketing strategy in place it can be tricky to get noticed in front of your competitors.

Let’s take a closer look at the five trends currently surfacing this year.

​​1. Cinema-Style Homepage Can Inspire Consumers to Purchase More

Cinema-style homepages are full-screen video stories that quickly immerse and captivate your users. The perfect feature to introduce visitors to your website by grabbing their attention and making users feel part of your brand within seconds.

A bonus for this feature is that you can minimise the amount of text on your homepage. Creating a perfect design trend to adopt in 2022. Just one thing to remember, your homepage should equally have a strong amount of written content. 

2. Overlapping Design Elements

This current design trend can help you build a structured and professional website with easily trackable components. However, this design can easily compromise the readability of the website. To prevent this, be sure to ensure any overlapping content remains readable. 

So, instead of having an individual image and a title text, one can overlap the text of the image. Creating a dynamic feel by helping the viewer focus on the text.

3. Modern Minimalism

Minimalistic designs are becoming increasingly popular for websites. When you think of minimalistic naturally you think of fewer elements and lots of white across the site, however, there is speculation that this year, that could change. Think minimalistic but use a colour palette. 

When combining minimalism and SEO, it is about finding the happy balance between minimal and rich content, a picture does not equal a thousand words in the eyes of Google. For Google and SEO ranking to be effective, it needs a clear and outlined understanding of the products and services you offer. Less is more does not apply in this case. High word counts amount to more organic rankings. Highlighting your core services makes you more likely to receive more visitors. 

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4. Personalised Content

Are you creating content that positively reflects you, your business and your customer’s interests and needs? So, adopting this into your website means, if done right, you can see transforming results and ultimately improve business. The need and demand for personalised experiences online have never been more intense. Essentially, this gives search algorithms a boost when personalised and relatable content surfaces. In all, this gains the consumer’s trust and confidence in you and your brand and is great for your search engine optimisation, also known as SEO. 

What you need to know is, the ends user does not care how they get to your website, what they do care about is finding exactly what they are searching for. 

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5. Light and Dark Mode Toggle

Have you seen the day and night mode for your smartphone? Well, this is now being adopted on websites. This feature is described as one of the best trends yet to enhance user experience whilst on your website. 

How can you adopt this onto your website? Simple, make sure your colour palettes for both modes work effectively whilst still remaining on brand. A commonly asked question is, will this affect the buyer’s journey, the answer is no if done effectively. Consumers love having control over their own experience, would you consider trying this?

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