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Creative Branding

Creative branding is our speciality. We love to create interesting, innovative brands, that consumers will remember. At Oncrowd, we can be the gatekeeper of your branding, working together to achieve creative branding that attracts memorable impressions. This means that everything that goes out to your audience is consistent, in the right tone of voice and looks spot on. That’s how we’ll build up recognition and engagement for your brand.

Brand identity

Your brand identity is important, it is how you communicate to the outside world, in an instant, what your company does and how it’s run. We can help get it just right.

Logo Design

Your logo is often your company’s only chance for a first impression. Getting it just right can make all the difference. We can help create something perfect.

Brand guidelines and toolkits

Consistency is key to maintaining a strong brand. We create brand guidelines and toolkits to ensure those using your brand get everything spot-on.

Brand identity

59% of shoppers prefer to buy new products from the brands they trust.


Branding for your business is your visual identity, for your consumers. Branding, sets the tone for your business and when it is done right, it helps target the audience you’re looking for. We’ll work closely with you to help set the right tone through colour and design. Maybe you need a little help naming your product or business, or maybe you just need an identity refresh, we can help!

Logo design

94% of the world’s population recognises the Coca-Cola logo.


You only get one chance at a first impression so let us help you make it the right one. Typographic, illustrative, iconic, you name it, we can create it. Our logo design takes all the real-world factors into consideration, making sure your logo works as well big, as it does small and works as well on screen, as it does on paper.

Brand guidelines and toolkits

Consistent branding can increase revenue by up to 23%.


When your branding starts to go off-piste it can be jarring for your audience, it is important to keep your brand consistent. Whether you have an existing brand or we’ve created you a nice new brand, we can create you a brand guideline to help. Alongside the guidelines, we can put together toolkits filled with brand assets to make sure anyone using your brand has the tools they need to stay on message.

How we work...

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The best way to start is to get to know you and your business. We can have a phone, video or in-person meeting.

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We don’t ever want you to feel out of the loop when it comes to cost. We’ll get you a full breakdown of costs before getting started.

Web design brief

It's strategy time

Now we have a clear view of your company and the image you want to create, we’ll get to work on your brand strategy.

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Time to get creative

Once we’ve presented our strategy and we’re all in agreement, we’ll get to work on a new logo, typefaces, colours and all the other shinny bits.

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We have lift off!

Your new brand is ready, you’re happy so it’s time to launch! We’ll help you with everything you need to get your new brand out there.

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There for you

Now your new brand is live, don’t think we’ve abandoned you. We’re always on call to help. We keep a full record of your brand assets and any guidelines, so we’re ready to help or create some new designs with your brand.

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